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Rapid long-term plugging of power equipment

basic information
Industry pain point
1. The leakage point of the substation equipment
As the main insulating medium for power equipment, SF6 gas plays an important role in equipment. Leakage of the substation equipment will reduce the insulation inside the equipment, seriously interfere with the normal operation of the equipment, and even cause accidents. And the air leakage defect tends to develop in a process, and the defect level increases with the severity of the air leakage, so it needs to be dealt with as soon as possible to eliminate hidden dangers.
For the GIS, switch device leakage phenomenon, the conventional non-blackout situation processing method: 1 to the gas leakage device to fill the air 2 to tighten the bolt. Although these two treatment methods are convenient, they are all palliative and fail to effectively treat the leaking parts.
——Insuring the equipment to avoid the insulation of the equipment, but the frequent air supply work increases the workload of the operation and maintenance personnel of the power station and the operation and maintenance cost of the substation, which cannot fundamentally solve the problem of equipment leakage.
——The method of fastening the bolt is simple and easy, but because the seal has been damaged or aged, it can only relieve the air leakage for a short time and cannot solve the fundamental problem. This method is still indispensable when the seal is completely ineffective.
For the leakage phenomenon of GIS and switchgear, the treatment method for power failure and pressure relief is as follows: (1) Disassemble the seal failure part and replace the seal. 2 Repair the gas leakage parts such as sand holes and cracks. Although these two schemes can effectively solve the problem of equipment leakage in the long-term, the impact and loss caused by the power outage to the power station is huge, and the processing method is time-consuming and laborious, which can be described as “high input and low output”.
——Replacing the seal can fundamentally solve the problem of equipment leakage. However, replacing the seal requires first stepping on the equipment, such as depressurizing, disassembling, replacing the seal, installing, and inflating. It is time-consuming and laborious, and the cost is high. The method of "doing half the work".
——The repair of the leaking part can solve the problem of equipment leakage for a long time, but the technical and process requirements of the maintenance personnel are high, and the requirements for the welding material are high, and the parts are subject to certain restrictions, and the welding operation cannot be performed. Sexuality.
2. Substation equipment leakage and oil pain points
There are many oil leakage problems in substation equipment. Oil stains adhere to the surface of the equipment and easily absorb dust, which seriously affects the appearance of the equipment. Long-term oil leakage will affect the normal operation of substation equipment and even cause accidents. Common treatment methods still have drawbacks, mainly as follows:
①Regular oil replenishment measures
②It takes time and effort to replace the seals after power failure
③With pressure welding, a lot of auxiliary work and preventive measures are required. The operation volume is large, the time is long, and the limitation is large. Most parts cannot be welded.
An Introduction
Program advantage
Program value
In response to the problem of oil leakage and gas leakage in substation equipment, Shirui Group has launched the industry-leading “Quick Stopping Solution without Power Failure” through innovation in material innovation and plugging technology.
1. Independent formula material
There are 5 kinds of core materials used in the Ruixin engineering plugging scheme, called “two doses of three glues”, namely surface cleaning agent, interface vitalizer, fast plugging glue for power equipment, long-term plugging glue for power equipment and plugging. Special glue. The surface cleaning agent is mainly used to quickly clean the rust and oil stains on the metal surface; the interface active agent mainly plays the role of enhancing the interfacial tension between the surface of the leaking point and the plugging glue; the rapid plugging of the glue acts as a quick plugging effect; The plugging glue plays the role of structural reinforcement; the special glue for sealing is in the outermost layer, which mainly plays the role of waterproofing, flame retardant, insulation, sealing and aging resistance.
Power equipment quick plugging glue and power equipment long-term plugging glue has excellent flame retardancy, chemical resistance, aging resistance and low temperature resistance. No irritating gas is released during plugging. After plugging, it can be (- 40~120) ℃ work for a long time.




2. The first triple seal structure

The traditional plugging glue performance is too single, the curing time is fast, the sealing glue is weak, and it can not bear the oil pressure and air pressure for a long time. The sealing glue with strong adhesiveness has a slow curing time and is easily broken by oil pressure and air pressure. Shirui adopts multiple plugging structure, which has the characteristics of fast curing, high strength and strong environmental adaptability. The long-term plugging glue has good mechanical properties, high peel strength, strong adhesion and high service life. . The combination of the two can effectively solve the leakage problem in the power industry. The outermost layer is sealed with special glue for power equipment to protect the plugging glue, which is reliable and beautiful.
3. Original leak-stop device
For the problem of excessive pressure leaks, the industry often fails to do so. Ruixin independently developed plugging device, combined with special glue for power equipment plugging and special glue for power equipment plugging, which can quickly and long-term pressure plugging for air leakage under any pressure in power equipment.
4. Professional structural design
For the leakage problem of different parts, Ruixin has designed the plugging device so that the plugging device can be conveniently and effectively used in any leaking part.
5. Whole industry chain, one-stop service
Ruixin provides one-stop service for fast and long-term plugging of power equipment. From material research and development, site survey, technical solution design to on-site construction, it is completed by Ruixin professional team to ensure service quality.
1. Compared with conventional non-blackout measures, the solution is more effective
Conventional uninterrupted power treatment measures usually provide regular replenishment of the substation equipment, frequent air supply, or tightening of the bolts. These treatment methods are not a cure. The same is not a blackout, Ruixin engineering with pressure plugging solution, can achieve fast, long-term plugging, fundamentally solve the problem of oil leakage.
2. Compared with power outage measures, the solution is more economical
Conventional power failure and pressure relief treatment measures usually require replacement of seals or repair welding of leaking parts such as sand holes and cracks. Although it can effectively solve the problem of equipment leakage in the long term, the impact and loss caused by power outages to the power station is huge. The processing method is also time-consuming and laborious. It can be described as “high investment and low output”. The solution of the pressure-blocking leakage of Ruixin Engineering can ensure the plugging effect without power failure and lower operating cost.
3. Compared with other plugging materials, cleaning is more convenient
There are also some plugging materials in the market. The thick coating is wrapped around the substation equipment. Although it can temporarily block the leakage, it is extremely unattractive and inconvenient to clean up later. In contrast, Ruixin Engineering has a pressure-blocking solution to facilitate the removal of materials, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement when the substation is out of power, and solves the problem that traditional plugging materials cannot be removed.
4. Compared with the limitations of repair welding, the operation is more convenient
With pressure repair welding, a large number of auxiliary work and preventive measures are required. The operation volume is large, the time is long, and the limitation is large. Most parts cannot be welded. Compared with the limitations caused by repair welding, Ruixin independently developed The plugging device can be used to seal the leak on any operable part.
1. No power failure with pressure plugging, low economic loss of power grid, low operation and maintenance cost
The industry-leading “new type of pressure plugging technology” developed by Ruixin Engineering can realize effective plugging with pressure without power failure. Compared with power outage replacement, not only the cost of replacement work is greatly reduced, but also the power outage loss is saved, which brings great economic benefits to the power grid. Compared with frequent replenishment and air supply, it saves the maintenance time of substation operation and maintenance personnel and Operation and maintenance costs.
2. Completely solve the problem of oil leakage and good sealing effect
“One time to stop leaking, ten years of worry-free”, Ruixin Engineering with pressure plugging technology can ensure that there is no need for secondary treatment of oil leakage and gas leakage before substation overhaul.
3. Beautiful appearance, easy to dismantle
The “New Pressure Sealing Technology” of Ruixin Engineering uses three-layer sealing structure to block the leakage. The outermost power equipment sealing glue can make the plugging part plastic, the appearance is more beautiful, and the plugging material is easy to dismantle, which is convenient for substation overhaul. Equipment replacement.