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Application of more than 20 countries and regions






More than 1000 substation service experience


Long-term batch cooperation of more than 400 customers worldwide

Over 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China use full coverage

Jiangsu Shirui Group Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise and a private technology enterprise in Jiangsu Province. Since its inception, the company has been actively expanding downstream from the research of new polymer materials to form an industrial chain portfolio from materials, parts, components, solution design to engineering services.

        The Group has four subsidiaries, which form five business categories of “four types of products + engineering services”. Four of them are new polymer materials and products, tape products, special rubber products and intelligent oil storage cabinets. Shirui provides internationally leading products, solutions and services to the global power, rail, high-end medical equipment and communications industries.

        With the advantages of the Group's industrial chain portfolio and industry resource sharing, Shirui will continue to focus on the customer's concerns, and win the leading position in the business field with exquisite technology and dedicated service to create maximum value for related parties.

Group profile



Development History

separated;Focus on market segments such as polymer materials, products and engineering services


In August 2014, Shirui was separated from Jiangsu Shenma Group;The products are not crossed, and the branches are not 


Big customer

Shirui pioneered the “integrated molded pillow capsule” to fill the domestic technical gap; established


Growing up

Shirui was rated as “National High-Tech Enterprise”; the market share of transformer capsules in the domestic 

New industry, new business

With the advantages of polymer materials research and 


Jiangsu Shirui Group was established and has four subsidiaries, focusing on the development of the Group's five 

Establish Shirui Industrial Park, technological innovation, continuous breakthrough

development, Shirui has been rapidly applied in the power, rail transit, medical equipment and communications industries. Shirui Power Sealing, Shock Absorption and Noise Reduction Polymer Materials Engineering Technology Research Center was established.

major businesses.
Shirui customers in more than 20 countries, serving more than 500 substations, 30 UHV converter stations

market jumped to “first”; the enterprise moved to “National Thousand Talents Planning Industrial Park”.

 cooperation with well-known domestic and foreign transformer companies such as ABB, SIEMENS, Shandong Electric Power, TBEA, Xidian, Zhengtai;