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Create a full industry chain service provider

Nantong Hengrui Polymer New Material Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in polymer material research and product development. Focusing on the plugging of power facilities, the rapid plugging of power equipment, and the damping and noise reduction of transformers...

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Hengrui New Materials

Shirui Technology

Nantong Shirui Power Technology Co., Ltd. relies on the integrated innovation platform of Shirui Group to conduct research on the formulation and molding process of polymer materials, focusing on the needs of power, rail transit and high-end medical equipment...

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Focus on power grid lean operation and maintenance

Polymer new materials and products

Tape products

Other special rubber products

Intelligent oil storage cabinet

Engineering service

Industry's first product

Innovation · The power of Shire development

Monolithic capsule

The overall molding process of Shire Transformer Capsule fills the gap in domestic technology and changes the backward history of China's capsule manufacturing industry for 30 years!

Rapid long-term plugging of power equipment

Industry-leading non-stop power with pressure plugging technology, one plugging, triple sealing, ten years of worry!

Comprehensive improvement of "three in one" in substation cabinet

"Water, moisture, dehumidification", no condensation, no dust, create a new era of safe operation of the box!

Electric locomotive traction and sealing products

The domestic market share is the first, escorting the safe operation of millions of kilometers of electric locomotives!


Culture · The soul of Shirui Development

ShiRui Meng

Flying dreams, mutual respect, pursuit of leadership, happiness and win-win

ShiRui pursues

he best way to do this is to use it.

Development, Shirui is always on the road!

Mission Vision Values


Focus on customer concerns and provide innovative products, services and Solutions, Continue to create maximum value for relevant parties.


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