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Nantong Ruixin Engineering Installation Technology Co., Ltd.

        Nantong Ruixin Engineering Installation Technology Co., Ltd. is an engineering service company with rich project experience under the World Rui Group. It is built around the power grid and the technical transformation project. It aims to provide the industry with the most innovative innovation through engineering design, new material research and development and construction technology. A valuable engineering services solution.
        The core solution of Ruixin Engineering - "V2 of the valve chamber of the converter station is closed", and the higher requirements of explosion protection and fire prevention are sealed around the valve chamber hole, and the building structure design, material research, construction technology research, etc. are gathered. Multi-disciplinary professionals carry out integrated technology research. Through the design of the hole sealing structure, the research of new explosion-proof fireproof materials and the in-depth study of integrated construction, the valve block sealing scheme of the new generation converter station is developed and quickly applied to the country. The grid company and China Southern Power Grid Corporation's UHV DC new construction and technical transformation project.
        Ruixin Engineering is the pioneer of the “Terminal Box Comprehensive Management” service concept in the industry. It has built the first outdoor (inside) cabinet comprehensive treatment laboratory in China, from site mapping to overall design, to sealing materials. The door seals, door locks, internal dehumidification and constant temperature are comprehensively treated to ensure that the terminal box is well sealed and the interior is dry and clean.
        In the future, Ruixin Engineering will continue to rely on the innovation platform of Shirui Group to integrate and innovate structural design, new material research and construction technology for new construction and technological transformation projects, and provide the most valuable engineering services for the industry.


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