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Intelligent Oil Conservator with IPS Rubber Bag

basic information
The interior of the Hengshi external oil-type integral molding capsule intelligent oil storage cabinet adopts the world's first integrated molding capsule. The structure is installed in the control room by installing the leak monitoring gas relay and the oil level meter with remote display function. The function of transmitting and monitoring oil level and leakage and timely alarming has realized intelligent upgrade. This product has the following characteristics:
1. Adopting the first domestic molding process with the invention patent capsule, the capsule is more resistant to pressure and more reliable;
2. Gas leakage is discovered in time to prevent malfunction caused by transformer oil exposure;
3. Real-time data transmission and fault alarm, more intelligent;
4. Stronger compensation ability, effective volume ratio up to 90%;
5. Without any additional pressure, there is no adverse effect on other transformer groups and components;
6. Committed to 30 years of service life, more reliable
7. Wide range of applications, available on all oil-immersed transformers of 35kV and above


Serial number


Technical indicators


Oil storage cabinet size

Meet the requirements of transformers of 35kV and above


Cabinet pressure sealing performance

Positive pressure 100kPa, pressure holding time 30min


Cabinet vacuum sealing performance

Vacuum degree 50Pa, pressure holding time 30min


Oil storage cabinet core life



Insulating oil medium

Mineral oil, vegetable oil


Oil level measurement method

Pointer oil level gauge (with remote display)


Leak detection method

Leakage monitoring relay


output signal

Oil level, leakage


Product advantages
Product value
1. Longer service life than existing oil storage cabinets on the market;
The traditional domestic capsule has a service life of 3-5 years and imported capsules for 5-8 years. The life of the capsules produced by Shirui Company using advanced technology and materials is up to 30 years, achieving the same life as the transformer.
2. More intelligent than existing oil storage cabinets on the market;
The existing oil storage cabinets on the market are not intelligently configured. The oil storage cabinets produced by Shirui Company have the functions of oil level, leakage remote transmission, real-time monitoring and alarm, and can predict faults to meet the intelligence of the oil storage cabinet. Demand.
1. Transformer operation is safer;
The Hengshi external oil-type intelligent oil storage cabinet adopts the world's first integrated molding capsule. The capsule has higher strength and pressure resistance, completely solves the problem that the manual glue bonding capsule is easy to leak and has short life, which can ensure the long-term transformer. safe operation.
2. The transformer is more intelligent and the operation and maintenance is more convenient;
The existing oil storage cabinet on the market has no intelligent configuration. The Hengshi oil-type intelligent oil storage cabinet has the functions of oil level monitoring function, leakage remote transmission function, real-time monitoring and alarm, which is convenient for operation and maintenance personnel to make pre-judgment and timely take Measures to make operation and maintenance more convenient.
3. The cost of power grid operation and maintenance is more economical;
The existing oil conservator in the market needs to be supervised by the substation, and the oil level and leakage are checked at regular intervals. The intelligent realization of the Hengshi oil-type intelligent oil conservator can be used for unattended substations, etc., without special personnel. The cost of manual maintenance is reduced, and the product is more reliable throughout the life cycle, making the total cost of operation and maintenance more economical.
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