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Nantong Hengshi Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

        Nantong Hengshi Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to providing maintenance-free, high-reliability intelligent equipment and components to the industry. Relying on the innovation platform of Shirui Group, the company has deep cooperation with famous universities and scientific research institutions to carry out integrated innovation in interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary fields, and develop intelligent oil storage cabinets to fill the international gap. Maintenance-free during the whole life cycle and timely warning equipment Possible failures can greatly improve the reliability and intelligence of the equipment.
        The intelligent oil storage cabinet pioneered by Hengshi Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. adopts Shirui Technology high-performance LIPS integral molding capsule, integrated oil storage cabinet cabinet, main joint pipe, intelligent system (sensor type oil level and oil pressure monitoring device, leak monitoring device, Oil chromatography (micro water) online monitoring device data processing module, data transmission module) and other components. Compared with similar products, Hengshi Intelligent Oil Storage Cabinet is not only highly reliable, but also capable of accurately measuring equipment operating state parameters. Due to the increased real-time monitoring function of leakage, oil pressure and oil chromatography (micro-water), Hengshi intelligent oil storage cabinet has high level of information integration, and can self-diagnose and alarm the faults of transformer equipment in real time, and pass the test data. The wireless (or wired) transmission to the control room enables digitization, intelligence and maintenance-free operation of the oil conservator, significantly improving the reliability and economy of the equipment.
        Hengshi intelligent oil storage cabinet can not only effectively solve the problems existing in traditional domestic oil storage cabinets and metal corrugated oil storage cabinets, realize maintenance-free, and can effectively warn transformer equipment failures. The technical and economic benefits are very remarkable, and the transformers at home and abroad have been obtained. Widely recognized by equipment manufacturing companies and grid users.


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