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Nantong Hengrui Polymer New Material Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in polymer material research and product development. - Focusing on the needs of power equipment plugging, rapid plugging, shock absorption and noise reduction, and deep research cooperation with well-known universities and research institutions, through the in-depth study of material formulation and preparation technology, developed a variety of new high Molecular materials and products have significantly improved the technical and economic benefits of power transmission and transformation engineering. On the other hand, Hengrui New Materials also provides strong support for polymer materials technology for products and solutions of other subsidiaries of Shirui Group. The core product of Hengrui New Materials - "Power Equipment Sealing Adhesive" is the first in the industry. Its aging resistance, fire resistance, water resistance, sealing, insulation and other properties are excellent and durable. It completely replaces "fireproof mud" and completely solves the traditional fireproof mud. The problem of plugging failure caused by aging cracking and poor adhesion. The core product of Hengrui New Materials “Special glue for power equipment plugging” can quickly and effectively plug all kinds of equipment, no need to power off during operation, and guarantee the service life of more than 10 years, which greatly shortens the leakage of equipment. Reduce equipment leakage losses. The third “polymer noise reduction series products” of Hengrui New Materials core products include various polymer materials such as baffle damping material composite materials, and apply various parts of thousands of power equipment to achieve comprehensive shock absorption and noise reduction effects. In the future, Hengrui New Materials will continue to focus on industry issues. Based on the integration of internal and external innovation resources, Shirui Group will provide high-performance products to the industry through in-depth research on new polymer materials, and continue to work with other subsidiaries of the Group to Technical research provides strong support.

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