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        Nantong Shirui Power Technology Co., Ltd. relies on the integrated innovation platform of Shirui Group to conduct research on the formulation and molding process of polymer materials, focusing on the needs of power, rail transit and high-end medical equipment, and solving industrial problems. Developed a variety of high performance tape products and special rubber products.
        The performance of many core products of Shirui Technology has reached the international leading level, not only completely breaking foreign monopoly, but completely replacing imported products, making domestic related equipment manufacturing no longer subject to thousands of people, and exporting to many countries and regions around the world, for many well-known enterprises. Supply.
        The core product of Shirui Technology - "L-IPS" integrated molding capsule for power transformer, adopts the international first oil-coated rubber-cloth-based skeleton-gas-surface adhesive double-sided dissimilar adhesive tape structure, and replaces the manual with the overall molding process. The glue bonding process is the independent technological innovation, international leading and the only domestic technological achievement of Shirui Technology. The products not only comprehensively replace imported products, but also widely supply to global power equipment manufacturers including ABB, SIEMENS and GE.
        The core product of Shirui Technology, “Electric Locomotive Traction and Sealing Product”, is made of high-performance rubber material and integral molding process. Its product performance has reached the international leading level, meeting the operation requirements of locomotives without replacing seals for 1 million kilometers, and it is domestic. The only products tested through fire performance requirements are fully replacing imported products.
        The core product of Shirui Technology's "high-end medical equipment" is internationally advanced and completely breaks the monopoly of foreign countries. It is the sole supplier of many well-known medical equipment companies at home and abroad.
        In the future, Shirui Technology will adhere to the road of independent innovation, relying on the resources of Shirui Group to integrate the research capabilities of external parties to carry out technological innovation, develop more high-performance products, and continue to create value for the industry.

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