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Shirui is a platform for flying dreams, mutual respect, pursuit of leadership, happiness and win-win! This is the understanding of all of our world's people.


Shi Rui's dream

At Shirui, we are down-to-earth and diligent in our efforts. We not only strive to release our dreams of business and happiness, but more importantly, we serve our customers, freeing them from the shackles of rubber products, and letting them fly more advanced designs, higher process standards, and better equipment. The dream of quality.

let the dream fly

Mutual respect

We will never rest on our laurels, insist on continuous innovation, pursue industry leadership, and achieve self-transcendence. We not only strive to make ourselves a leading company in the industry, but more importantly, we make our customers and suppliers a leader through our efforts.

Pursuit of leadership

Happy and win-win

Regardless of the level, regardless of gender, we respect each other and agree that we need to earn the respect of others through our own efforts. Regarding external stakeholders, no matter where they are in the supply chain, no matter how they contact Shi Rui, we give them full respect and firmly believe that the power of respect allows us to trust each other and communicate openly.

We believe that happy cooperation is a catalyst for performance growth. Within the company, we advocate happy work and happy communication; outside the company, we adhere to the concept of win-win cooperation, without harming the legitimate interests of others. We firmly believe that a large proportion of cake through cooperation can make the enterprise truly "thriving in the world".


Ideals and goals can unite people, unite people, transform people
The value of a business should depend on what he created and contributed to society, not what he has already gained.
Shirui is a platform for flying dreams, mutual respect, pursuit of leadership, happiness and win-win.
There is a kind of pursuit that will never stop, and there is a dream that is constantly surpassed.
With the continuous development of R&D innovation and the market segmentation by product segmentation, Shirui’s pursuit of development will never stop.
Development, Shi Rui is always on the road!

Shirui pursues

Take the law, only got it


Mission vision values

Focus on customer concerns, provide innovative products, services and solutions that continue to create maximum value for all parties involved.

Our Mission

Corporate vision

With the exquisite technology and dedicated service to win the leading position in the business field involved.

Core value

People-oriented, honesty first, and value creation

Employee code of conduct

Loyal company

Code of Conduct: All behaviors are right or wrong, first of all, whether it is good for the company

Interpretation of the Code: Do not infringe on the interests of the company, make mistakes and not conceal, do not tell lies.


Code of Conduct: Do not complain, have enthusiasm, always maintain positive energy and can infect colleagues

Interpretation of the guidelines: There is no problem without development. As long as there is a problem with development, the faster the problem is solved, the faster it will develop.


Code of Conduct: "1+1>2"

Interpretation of the Code: The company is a whole, and every success and progress is the result of solidarity and cooperation. Do not care about personal gains and losses in the work, thinking that the team contributes strength to happiness and pride. Information sharing, cooperating with others, taking the initiative to help, and being helpful.

Management cadre code of conduct


Code of Conduct: Responsible for results

Interpretation of the Code: The company will not make a profit because of what we have done, only because we have provided products and services that meet customer standards. So there is no wage to reward work hard, only to reward the work.

Code of Conduct: Take the initiative to take responsibility

Interpretation of the guidelines: When there is a problem, don't talk about it, don't shirk it, say that you don't talk about others, say subjectively, don't talk objectively, and solve the problem as the primary task. Openly accept criticism from leaders and colleagues and actively carry out self-criticism.

Honest business

Code of Conduct: Diligence, hard work, value creation is valuable

Interpretation of the Code: Go all out to work, even if resources are not sufficient, take the initiative to challenge, try every means to overcome difficulties, to achieve the goal as the fundamental.

Code of Conduct: Details determine success or failure

Interpretation of the guidelines: Work is no small matter, simplicity is not equal to easy. Do things seriously, do things right, do things well and do things well.

Code of Conduct: Strong execution

Interpretation of the guidelines: If you say it, you have to do it.

Continue to innovate

Code of Conduct: Continuous optimization of “work instructions/jobs” and work processes, process equipment, etc., which are beneficial to the company, which is an important proof of each person’s work performance.

Interpretation of the guidelines: no best, only better. Only innovation can lead to higher quality, faster delivery and lower production costs.


Shirui Ren's Code of Conduct